With good water and swimming Edelstahlpool

With good water and swimming Edelstahlpool

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With good water and swimming Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de care, an inner cover can be used for 10 to 15 years.


Nevertheless, Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de liners are exposed to different influences, such as UV radiation and several chemicals, day after day. Small holes and cracks on the surface can be repaired with special Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de liner repair kits, but in case of larger damages the liner is no longer suitable for use and must be replaced. The first question that arises is what type of film is required.
Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de foil with hanging piping

The classic variant of the Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de inner lining https://profi-poolwelt.com/forum-news-f14/pool-liner-by-profi-poolwelt-com-t38506.html are swimming Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de liners with a U-shaped hanging piping, also called P1 piping. With the help of this, the inner lining is pulled over the steel wall or hooked into the wall. The handrail, which is to be installed later, takes over the fixing of the foil.

This type of Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de inner cover is suitable for a standard handrail as well as for most combination special handrails.
Inner cover with wedge piping

This version is visually similar to a wedge or piping and is far more comfortable than mounting with a suspension piping. The piping is simply hooked into the handrail at the side, which makes it much easier to replace the foil.

Wedge pipings, also known as P3 pipings, are only compatible with combination special handrails, which have a corresponding lateral groove to hold the foil.
Preparation for changing a new Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de liner

Before you start lining the new PVC inner liner, it is recommended that you replace the Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de fleece at the same time. This will protect the liner from direct contact with the substrate and any PVC incompatible materials it may contain. In addition, the respective seals of the installation parts, such as skimmer and nozzle, should be replaced.

During the replacement of the foil, the outside temperature (day and night) should be between 15° C and 25° C. It is also important to line the steel wall with the inner liner as quickly as possible, otherwise the Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de http://profi-poolwelt.de/artikelmap/ wall can be damaged by the wind.

Now the Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de water must be pumped out completely, whereby a submersible pump is required. Then remove all installation parts. Then remove the old Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de liner together with the handrail and Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de fleece. An exception here are special handrails, which do not have to be removed. The used inner liner as well as the fleece can be disposed of at the nearest recycling centre. Afterwards, check the Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de for possible damage, repair it if necessary and clean the bottom of your garden Edelstahlpool von Profi-Poolwelt.de thoroughly.
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